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We are limitless on moisture, movement and climate

Our smart sensors accurately measure the internal and external building mass in real-time and historically.

Automated alerts and routines
Simple assembly and directly connected via IoT
Suitable for all buildings and structures

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This is how our sensor system works

1. Installation

Smart sensors that accurately measure moisture, relative humidity, dew point, temperature, movements, vibrations, dust, air quality, and gases both inside and outside the structures.

All the smart sensors log with GPS location in real-time and historically.

The smart sensors are battery-powered and log securely to the cloud solution, via IoT.

TEK-Zence is suitable for almost all bathrooms, foundations, walls, ceilings, floors and buildings.

The sensors log into the room it is in and in the internal building mass with probes, machine learning, and algorithms with known formulas.

The sensors are installed in places prone to damage in all types of buildings and constructions.

The smart sensors and additional products such as the smart connector have a long service life.

2. Documentation

The sensor solution and compilation of data take place automatically. The portal is always updated and safely contributes to the efficient processing of all data

The smart sensor system of TEK-Zence shows accurate measurements with GPS location.

The data is retrieved in graphs, numerical layouts and reports, directly via API and smart platform.

Correct documentation for remote logging of drying processes, and notifications when these have been reached.

Correct condition and maintenance interval.

Correct documentation when selling a home and documented condition assessment.

Correct documentation for complaints and legal proceedings.

Correct KPI documentation on indoor climate, damages and savings.

3. Sustainability

Through automation and digitization of the internal building mass, TEK-Zence puts sustainability first by increasing the service life of all buildings and constructions and prevents unnecessary damage and resource use of materials

Additional products such as the smart socket save unnecessary use of electricity.

Property managers save money on automated maintenance plans, damage control, digital twins and automated measurements.

The insurance saves money on unnecessary consequential damage and increased construction protection, TEK-Zence contributes to a change in attitude among policyholders and users of all buildings.

Increased prices for properties and minor damages and complaints.

Damage limiters spend less travel time and time on report writing.

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This is what our customers say


Halvor Heir
Section leader

Oslobygg KF is Oslo's largest property manager with close to 2.7 million square meters of purpose-built buildings for the municipality

The support Oslobygg has received from TEK-Zence has exceeded all expectations and they also have a core competence that is important for the property industry.


Tore Kyvik

To achieve our goals, the technology that TEK-Zence delivers is important.

Real sustainability is the km that we don't drive.

The system reduces Co2, and it provides a better time in everyday life for our project managers.

Our customer relationship and use of the system are a real win-win situation.

We continuously hunt for time thieves with the sensor system from TEK-Zence, which contributes to an optimal flow in our value chain.

Bo, SKADEteknik, Danmark

Bo J. Mortensen

We have the pleasure of using a sensor system from Tek-Zence on our moisture tasks, especially those tasks where we either have a long distance to go or where there is a need for collection and documentation of measurement data.

By constantly monitoring humidity in constructions where we have dehumidification in progress, we can save on inspections, which is a financial gain for both us and our customers.

Furthermore, TEK-Zence provides good support and quick action when needed.