Our sensors

TEK-Zence consists of sensors for industrial use and sensors for private homes in a modern and timeless design.

We only use well-known manufacturers. The sensors have a long service life and a 3-year warranty.

The sensor system is assembled and tested in Norway before it is sent out to you.

The smart sensor logs straight away and data can be read from the first hour.


Our smart sensors measure up to 26 sensor measurements every hour.
5 virtual probes for automatic sensor data compilation.
Automatic calibration of the known building components.

Each smart sensor, with its own communication module via IoT that logs directly to the cloud solution.

  • Algorithmic location control
  • Smart management for battery life and signal strength
  • Control engine for automatic generation of maintenance plan
  • Correlation analysis to detect relationships between the parameters.
  • Machine learning and automated alerts

Our sensor system logs changes in building stock over time and collects data. The sensor system prevents unnecessary damage, documents the condition and detects when something happens to the building at an early stage.

TEK-Zence's remote logger contributes to efficient working days and documented savings throughout the value chain.

TEK-Zence continuously works with new and exciting solutions that will make the measurements even more efficient and secure.

Our sensors are built on approved products and are CE approved and calibrated.

Illustrasjonsbilde av sensorovervåking av leilighetskompleks

Always available and logging

TEK-Zence is based on network technology and condition measurement.
Sensors from TEK-Zence are installed in most walls, floors and ceilings, and the devices intelligently route themselves around obstacles to achieve seamless and safe monitoring.

TEK-Zence is borderless and can be used in all countries.

Smart sensor system

TEK-Zence is a comprehensive sensor system for the internal building mass. Our sensors log construction safety, climate, moisture, changes and developments in all directions.

We have two main groups of sensors.
Business and private, read about these below.

S1 - Moisture, rot, fungus and dew point

The smart humidity sensor logs in real-time and historically, moisture, temperature, condensation, thermals, dew point, weight % and relative humidity. Sensor data is available directly on my page, smartphone or the building's ST system through our API. The sensor uses NB-IoT communication.

The smart sensor has an overview of what is happening both outside the building body and inside, and has probes for measurements in concrete, WMC wood moisture in % and leak alerts.

  • The sensor box is battery-powered with long battery life and internal memory.
  • The sensor box measures humidity, RH, temp and movements.

The sensor box itself logs relative humidity, temperature and movements.

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S2 - Movements and tremors

Movement and vibration sensor (S2) prevents and documents settlement damage, from blasting, piling, and unfavourable ground conditions such as clay, quick clay and impure filling materials.

S2- can be easily installed in all types of buildings, runs on batteries and we log IoT/2G/3G/4G/5G to our cloud and you who use it via the app. The S2 sensor measures mm/s, which gives the values for blasting or sheet piling. The S2 sensor records directional deviations in the form of a graph, in 360 degrees.

Based on built location and development over time. The sensor logs the movement from the first hour and sends a notification if the movement and/or movements are stable or still underway in real time.

The sensor box is powered by 230V and a battery pack. Measures movements in directions and vibrations in mm/s The sensor box measures moisture, RH, temp.

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S3 - Indoor climate, gas and dust, Co2, air quality

Know what you breathe in, get a better indoor climate and increase the quality of your life with our climate sensor.

We spend 5 times more time inside than we do outside. With sensor S 3, you know what the air quality is like in the rooms you spend the most time in. The sensor system alerts when the air is polluted or has changed.

TEK-Zence comes with measures that improve indoor air and give you a good indoor climate.

The sensor box is battery powered and 230V. Measures VOC, AQI, Co2, dust, gases, digital nose, light, temperature.

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    CHAP 2, for bathrooms, basement walls and foundations.

    Chap 2 is placed inside a wall facing the bathroom and inside walls facing the ground. The sensor box fits into the 73 mm hole that is made when the property is sold.

    Chap 2 provides a documented condition, creates fewer complaints and increased value when selling a home.

    Chap 2 has 5 air quality sensors with artificial intelligence. Temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, Co2, AIQ, and VOC with detection for their specific use cases. Chap 2 smells of mold growth, rot and damage development.

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    The smart contact

    The smart connector powers equipment that is used together with TEK-Zence remote loggers. It can be used for all other "heavy-duty equipment" on the construction site.

    The smart switch is connected to the TEK-Zence notification system. The TEK-Zence smart connector controls dryers and dehumidifiers without limitations.

    The smart connector can be connected to anything electrically equipped and controlled from the smart portal automatically.

    - Get an overview of electricity consumption, and save money on unnecessary use.
    - The smart contact logs consumption, and drying times and optimizes the equipment for each project, at the address and can be easily retrieved in a report.  

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    Our probes

    We have probes that connect to the smart sensors on and in materials.
    The probes can be built into constructions and it measures accurately in concrete and wood.
    The leak detector is often used to prevent leaks.

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    Easy and accurate to use
    All sensor parts from well-known, long-lasting suppliers
    Easily available via my site
    Historical data for reports and documentation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we have collected some of the most common questions we encounter. If you want more information or have any other questions, so do not hesitate to contact us

    Can TEK-Zence sensors be installed in all types of buildings?

    Yes, our sensors can be adapted to all types of buildings. We can also tailor solutions for your building or facility, project

    How long does the battery last and how much maintenance is there?

    The batteries in the sensors have a lifespan of 7 years, which makes our sensors virtually maintenance-free. Through the follow-up agreement with TEK-Zence, you will be followed up on an ongoing basis.

    Are the sensors approved and calibrated?

    Yes. Through accredited certification schemes such as CE. The sensors are calibrated through well-known calibration companies.

    How can the sensors save me from necessary damage?

    By using our system, you will have a complete security solution together with regular home insurance. It will save you from unnecessary damage.

    Can I get a lower insurance premium?

    Some insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums when sensors are installed. We recommend that you contact us, so we can check whether your insurance company will give you a lower premium.

    How do I prevent damage by installing sensors from TEK-Zence?

    The sensors will give you an indication of symptoms of damage, before the damage develops.

    When selling, can I expect a higher price for the home? Can I get fewer or fewer complaints?

    When you have installed sensors from TEK-Zence and have a follow-up agreement with us, you will save yourself unnecessary expenses and probably also achieve a better price when selling.


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