Commercial customers save large operating costs by installing smart sensors on exposed building parts, extending their service life and providing accurate images of maintenance intervals.

Our sensors help make the building more efficient and create a digital twin that gives a correct image when selling.

Our sensors measure accurately, they are calibrated and have low installation costs.

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Short-term (up to 12 months)
TEK-Zence performs short-term measurements in commercial buildings in cases where you want to document. For example, there may be a need for documentation to ensure that the improvements carried out have produced the results that have been promised by the supplier.

In other cases, there may be a desire to document whether settlement damage has occurred, or whether cracks are still developing.

TEK-Zence carries out inspections to map how long a measurement period is needed to be able to say something concrete about the challenges the client wants to uncover.

TEK-Zence is also used to document the condition in connection with the sale of commercial buildings. Measurements over several seasons will provide security for the buyer, who will be able to offer a higher price when sold.


Long-term measurements are smart in order to have control over the time of how the internal building stock is in one or more commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are often complex with large buildings or many buildings. We deploy our sensor system in risk-prone areas where we know from experience that damage occurs, in order to detect damage at an early stage.

Damage is often moisture-related, and can take a long time before you notice yourself. If damage is rectified in an early phase, you will both extend the life of the building and its components, and rectification will be far more affordable than if you wait until something needs to be done.

Today, TEK-Zence stands in many commercial buildings, housing associations and condominiums that feel that we look after the buildings, and report when negative values arise. This has meant that large amounts have been saved.

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TEK-Zence is currently deployed

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Private commercial buildings
Housing association
Urban farms

Our recommendations for sensor systems

With experience as valuers, we have seen that many basements are exposed to moisture damage that is not detected until it develops into major moisture damage. By installing smart sensors that log moisture, indoor climate and vibrations, the levels start to develop negatively. This will save you money and increase the quality of the building.

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