The public sector owns and operates perhaps Norway's largest building stock. In many cases, these are buildings with many exposed structures that are not easy to keep under continuous inspection.

TEK-Zence helps state and municipal institutions to achieve reduced maintenance costs through condition assessment of buildings in real-time. By getting an overview of the superstructure condition, damage processes can be detected earlier and the necessary measures are taken.

TEK-Zence can be found in both state and municipal buildings. Using our system not only makes economic sense, it is also sustainable.

By using our system, the damage will be detected in an early phase, which means that you can repair rather than replace building parts.
TEK-Zence helps municipalities to achieve their sustainability goals by extending the life of the building. TEK-Zence provides the correct KIP on indoor climate in schools and kindergartens.

How it can be used

Short-term measurements make sense to use, among other things, in cases where leaks from pipe breaks have caused water damage. Water damage often causes moisture damage that needs to be repaired. Then our system will help you to know when the moisture level in various types of material has dropped to healthy values. TEK-Zence's suitcases with sensor boxes make sense to have deployed in all public buildings so that short-term measurements can be quickly carried out.


Long-term measurements mean that sensor measurements are carried out on risk-exposed areas in buildings over several years. Typical places where it is natural to carry out long-term measurements are basements, walls against wet zones and under roofs. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, museums, ice rinks and swimming facilities are typical places where long-term measurements make sense. Both because the buildings are large (it is difficult to always have an overview of damage in the interior of the building), there are large numbers of people in the buildings, and because it is often difficult to detect moisture damage in the interior of the building in an early phase.

TEK-Zence is currently deployed in many public buildings. Both to monitor the temperature and moisture level in the buildings, as well as to map movements and vibrations.

We help you with

Ikon av inngåelse av avtale
Remote reading
Document building physics, joints, moisture
Save money on unnecessary electricity, driving etc.

Our recommendations for sensor systems

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