Insurance companies that use remote reading of damage can save the environment, among other things, by the fact that the remediation companies can avoid unnecessary journeys. At the same time, automatic reports can create increased predictability, which makes everyday work easier.

Our sensors measure accurately, are calibrated and have low installation costs.

How to use TEK-Zence


The smart sensor system can easily tell how moisture damage is and the probability of what costs it represents. TEK-Zence creates much less collateral damage.

Short-term measurements document a drying process, provide answers to the cause of damage and document above a claim the extent of damage and cause.


Long-term measurements in all building parts provide insight into the expected lifespan, ensure fewer damages and lower insurance premiums.

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Our recommendations for sensor systems

With experience as valuers, we have seen that many basements are exposed to moisture damage that is not detected until it develops into major moisture damage. By installing CHAP-2, you will be notified early if moisture levels start to develop negatively. This will save you expensive repairs.

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