For many, apartments are associated with a simple way of living. Without large costs associated with maintenance. People often have the idea that the housing association or condominium is responsible if something goes wrong, or that the insurance covers various types of damage. It does not entail correctness. Damage that occurs over time is not normally covered by the insurance, and you yourself are responsible for maintenance in your apartment. There are two places in particular where it makes sense to measure the moisture level in your apartment over the long term.

Remote reading in several dimensions

The wall facing the bathroom is one of the most common places where the moisture level is too high and a place where it has often been too high over time. That is the reason why, in connection with the sale of an apartment according to the Disposal Act of 1 January 2022, a 73 mm hole must be drilled to measure moisture values. Our sensor system tells you when moisture values are above-desired values. Then, in an early phase of moisture damage, you will be able to carry out repairs for a much lower cost than if you repair after long-term damage.

We help you with

Ikon av inngåelse av avtale
Prevent damage
Document conditions
Lower maintenance costs
Reduced insurance policy
Better indoor climate

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