Our sensors help you take care of your greatest assets such as apartments, homes and cottages. We save you from unnecessary damage, damage that is not covered by insurance. We document moths and give you early warning of the development of damage.

TEK-Zence extends the lifespan of, among other things, bathroom and drainage.

When you sell your home, you can sell with a documented condition, which creates security and increased house prices. TEK-Zence often provides lower insurance and increased housing prices.

Through the new Disposal Act, it is legally required to drill into the wall facing the bathroom and towards the ground in the basement. Once you have mounted sensors from TEK-Zence, you do not need to worry about where to do this. It displays and logs directly and historically and you can share the data with whoever you want.

Watch the video below about how Carl uses the smart sensors from TEK-Zence

See how Carl uses TEK-Zence in his home, and what advantages he has.

Two main areas

Short-term measurements in construction before a home sale provides accurate and correct conditions. The sensor system documents in real-time and historically what qualities the wet rooms, drainage and roofing have. Where you had previously obtained TG3, you will in most cases be able to obtain TG2, and in some cases TG1.

Use our sensor system to document the measures that have been carried out, so that you know that work has been carried out correctly.

Two specific areas of use for s1 and Chap2
Carl is going to sell his apartment. He has an older bathroom from 1982. The bathroom has new fittings and a shower niche where there is a direct water supply to the tiles. Carl installed TEK-Zence ahead of the sale. The sensor is connected behind the shower zone between the wall and the bathroom with a small probe. The sensor logs that there is no moisture behind the wet zone. Carl can sell his home knowing that the bathroom is dry. Carl obtained a good price for the home, the buyer was confident that there was no hidden moisture damage in the bathroom. Lise has a detached house with a basement. The drain is from 1977 and is heading towards the end of its expected lifespan. During the condition assessment of the home, several holes of 73 mm were drilled against the foundation wall. Moisture was discovered against the ground in the basement.

Lise had to stop the sale to get an overview of the moisture level. Lise fitted sensors from TEK-Zence and over time gained an understanding of her drainage. The measurement showed that during heavy downpours the moisture level increased, but that this dried again after a short time. When Lise listed her home, she could document with certainty that her drainage worked as it should.

When we measure buildings over time, we prevent damage, create less consequential damage, increase housing quality and can provide lower insurance. It is easy to document whether others damage your property.

TEK-Zence smart sensors are installed at known places of damage and prevent the occurrence of damage and take measures before the situation becomes so large that large, expensive measures are needed.

TEK-Zence gives you ongoing updates on building physics and alerts you when something happens before there is damage.

Long-term measurements provide a good basis for the next time the home is to be sold and often provide lower insurance.

We help you with

Ikon av inngåelse av avtale
Monitoring of your home with user-friendly, high-quality sensors
Installation of sensors at low cost
Access to your sensors in the present via our web app and admin panel
Detect moisture damage before major damage occurs

Our recommendations for sensor systems

With experience as valuers, we have seen that many basements are exposed to moisture damage that is not detected until it develops into major moisture damage. By installing CHAP-2, you will be notified early if moisture levels start to develop negatively. This will save you expensive repairs.


Bilde av CHAP2

When selling a home today, you must comply with the NS 3600 technical condition analysis standard. According to the standard, a hole of at least 73mm2 must be drilled to measure moisture and look for symptoms of moisture. The CHAP2 is designed to fit perfectly into this hole. The sensor will provide excellent data on the condition of the building as well as its development over time.

We have developed this product specifically for residential installation. Chap-2 fits seamlessly into the hole drilled to the NS 3600 standard. The good design of Chap-2 will be able to cover the hole in an aesthetically pleasing way, while at the same time logging the moisture condition in your home.

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