Contractors use our smart sensors to document dry buildings and document the building's qualities.

The smart sensors warn early if a subcontractor has made a mistake, and will give the user a good basis for taking over with the automatic maintenance plan.

Public buildings have a large maintenance backlog and are lacking. TEK-Zence helps to preserve these by notifying in advance of changes in building physics, and changes in construction creating a better indoor climate.

Byggeleder ser over prosjektstegninger

Contractors and consultants often use S1, S2 and CHAP 2

Remote sensing in several dimensions

When we use TEK-Zence remote reading, we can document with Sikhs that the building is dry, has the air quality it should have and that the construction has settled.

The smart sensor notifies when the set value has been reached, or that damage is developing. 

The smart sensor is battery-powered and easy to move around the construction site to the relevant areas to be read remotely.

Long-term measurement of new buildings makes sense throughout the building's useful life. The smart sensor is placed where damage and hidden faults and defects are most likely to occur.

The smart sensors log in real-time and historically, so the building will always have a running crucible twin that gives you good historical data on moisture, condensation, temperature, movements and vibrations.

Everyone who uses smart sensors from TEK-Zence experiences a better build with the right quality and predictability.

We help you with

Ikon av inngåelse av avtale
Remote reading
Save time and money
Documentation of quality and early warning of damage

Our recommendations for sensor systems

TEK-Zence enables you to work more efficiently and provides better predictability. The smart sensor works for you and gives alerts when something develops and or the levels you have set have been reached.
As an entrepreneur, you can be in all places at once. If you use smart sensors, you will always have control over the building parts and buildings where the smart sensor is placed.

They can be easily assembled and moved between buildings and addresses.

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